About Us


Endoscopic Resources, Inc., a medical device company, was founded in South Florida more than 20 years ago by Paul Pappas. Today, as a leader in the large medical device industry, the company serves the entire Southeastern region of the United States. ERI prides itself on its vast product knowledge, its outstanding time-sensitive service, and exceptional customer loyalty.


Our products, combined with our 20+ years of experience, have made us one of the most recognized distributors and consultants in medical imaging, cardiovascular services, intraoperative 3D-imaging with navigational and robotic orthopedic surgery, digital and continuous patient monitoring, and emerging technologies in patient safety and HAI/SS reduction.

Meet the Team

Paul Pappas

Founder & CEO

Danielle Pappas

Vice President

Miko Bernardo

Account Manager

Robert Habenicht

Marketing & IT